My tips and Skills for improving Customer Service:


Customer Service Think Tank hosted by Dell

Customer Service Think Tank hosted by Dell (Photo credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page)

 High Quality Customer Service cannot be provided by Low Quality Staff:

 Getting the right staff that are highly experienced in providing excellent customer service and can build personal relationships with established and new customers, but you may have to pay more from them. 

Good Customer Relations reflects the Quality of the Internal Relationships between Staff and Management:

Employees tend to take their cue from management. Do you take time to greet your employees enthusiastically every day; are you polite and considerate in your dealings with staff; do listen to the ideas that your staff have, and you try to meet their requests and suggestions as a partnership? Poor customer service is often a reflection of the relationship between employees and management. 


Customer services

Customer services (Photo credit: gordon2208)

Do you really know who your Customers?

 When a regular customer gets on your bus can you call them by name? Everyone likes to feel important. People are self-centred; greeting a customer is a simple way even just with a simple hello how are you today is you is all that it takes.  


Good customer service needs to go the extra mile, explicitly:

 This willingness must not be mere words – you need to demonstrate it, with good manners and service.  

Give Customers the Benefit of the Doubt:

 Proving a customer that they are wrong or ignorant is not worth the risk of losing them. Always be polite and offer correct information and let them make the decision about who is right. 

Make sure you have a good depth of knowledge about your products:

 Keeping up with information about your products if a customer makes a special request make sure you try to meet it completely and try to always give the customer what they want.

Provide customer service training for your staff and seek feedback from customers about individual staff:

 Always provide guidelines for what to say in most circumstances and give them training and feedback about how they are performing. Make sure your employees know what to do and say including answering phone calls.

Customer service center - note that there is o...

Customer service center – note that there is only one operator serving both queues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ask your customers what they think of your company and the service they provide:

Prepare a Customer Feedback Card and encourage your customers to response with rewards and offers. Keep it short and simple. Focus on what they like; what they don’t like; what could be improved; what could be changed; and request suggestions and comments. 

Offer Loyalty Rewards:

 Business success depends more on keeping customers and not losing new customers. Everyone that is dissatisfied with your service may mean that you will lose 10 or 20 other customers as they will tell their friends. Offering incentives to bringing new customers to our business is costly so losing longstanding and loyal customers is especially harmful. Repeat business is critical to our success so it is much easier to maintain than to attract new customers.  

So here are my seven ways to keep customer coming back: 

Set realistic timetables with your customers and always meet it:

Few things impress a customer more than when you meet their requirements.

Do it fast: Do it right: Do it properly and thoroughly.

Customers will always want it done “yesterday,” but to set realistic timetables and stick with them.

 It is better to set a timetable that you can deliver, than accept an unrealistic timetable and arrive late.

Treat your customers like human beings:

 Treating them with dignity and with mutual respect, you don’t necessarily need to bow to every whim that a customer makes, but makes sure it is reasonable and sensible.

Go beyond the minimum to make your customers like you:

By going that extra mile and it will generate ‘word of mouth advertising’ as they will tell their friends.

Don’t make excuses:

 If you have made a mistake and what has happened is your fault – apologise and admit to it. Don’t blame the customer, the circumstances, someone else, or anything else. Don’t take it personally! Generally the customer will be angry about the situation and what has happened, and not necessarily angry at you. Get over it.

Listen to your customers:

 Don’t be arrogant assume that you know exactly what they want. They will generally have valid things to say and good ideas that can be very valuable for your business.  

Make Sure that your Customers feel like Top Priorities:

 Don’t multitask, especially when answering the phone. Spend the extra time it takes to really pay attention to them and their needs. Customers always know when you are doing something else and will resent it.

Deal with problems straight away:

 It is hard to deal with mistakes, errors or things that are something unpleasant, but once you deal with them it will ‘clear the decks’ and you can move on.

A.R.K work with it. Live with it.

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